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Discover the Best-Selling Monoline Graffiti Fonts:
Our Top 5 Picks

             When it comes to adding a unique and edgy touch to your creative projects, few styles are as impactful as graffiti fonts. Among the diverse range of graffiti fonts available, monoline graffiti fonts stand out for their sleek, continuous lines and modern aesthetic. Whether you’re working on a branding project, a poster design, or a digital artwork, these fonts can bring a contemporary, urban vibe to your work. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the five best-selling monoline graffiti fonts that will elevate your designs and inspire your creativity. Read on to discover these top picks and see how they can transform your next project.

          Here are the best-selling monoline graffiti fonts from Cikareotype studio, celebrated for their unique blend of urban style and modern simplicity. These top fonts are ideal for various creative projects, offering both versatility and distinctive appeal.

  1. Dirty Lizard

             “Dirty Lizard” is a monoline graffiti font that incorporates swash and crown characters. Monoline fonts typically consist of letterforms with uniform line thickness, providing a clean and consistent appearance. In this case, the addition of swash and crown characters adds decorative elements and style variations to the font.

               With “Dirty Lizard,” you can achieve a graffiti-inspired look that combines clean, consistent lines with decorative elements. These extra characters can enhance the visual appeal and uniqueness of your text, making it suitable for various design projects, especially those where a blend of a clean monoline style with decorative elements is desired.

Download Dirty Lizard Font HERE!!!

2. Snakehead

              “Snakehead” is a monoline graffiti font that features an abundance of swashes, including swashes below characters and some above characters, resembling various crown-like elements. Fonts like these are often used to create expressive and artistic designs with the distinctive flair of graffiti art. With a variety of swash options, you have the flexibility to customize the look of your text and give your design a unique and eye-catching touch. Fonts like “Snakehead” are commonly employed in street art projects, posters, or other designs that call for creative and bold typography.

Download Snakehead Font HERE!!!

3. Dark Sider

              Designed with the user in mind, Dark Sider makes it easier than ever to create stunning graffiti designs. Its natural, handwritten style adds an authentic graffiti look to any project. This versatile font is perfect for a wide range of media, including packaging, logos, labels, posters, shirt designs, bulletins, and various other typography needs. Whether you’re aiming for an urban edge or a casual, artistic vibe, Dark Sider’s unique aesthetic will elevate your designs, making them stand out. Embrace the creative potential of this font and bring a fresh, dynamic touch to your projects with Dark Sider.

Download Dark Sider Font HERE!!!

4. Straight Wave

            “Straight Wave” is a graffiti font written manually in a monoline style, featuring characters inspired by natural handwriting. The font combines consistent line widths (monoline) with a graffiti-inspired impression in each letter. Its free-flowing yet consistently weighted lines offer an urban and authentic vibe. It’s suitable for various designs that require a natural handwritten touch with a hint of graffiti influence.

Download Straight Wave Font HERE!!!

5. Street Rats

            A Handwritten font that captures the essence of Realistic monoline graffiti style. This font features an impressive swash, perfect for adding a touch of urban flair to your designs. Street Rats is designed to elevate a wide range of design projects to new heights, offering a bold and dynamic aesthetic that stands out. Whether you’re working on branding, headings, designs, invitations, signatures, logos, or labels, this font brings a unique and edgy look to your work. It’s also ideal for posters, apparel, social media graphics, and other creative projects that demand a distinctive and contemporary touch. Embrace the urban spirit and unleash your creativity with Street Rats, a font that promises to enhance every design with its authentic graffiti style and unparalleled versatility.

Download Street Rats Font HERE!!!


          We hope this curated list of the top 5 best-selling monoline graffiti fonts has inspired you and provided valuable options for your next design project. Each font brings its own unique style and flair, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for any creative endeavor. Whether you’re aiming to add an urban edge to your branding, create eye-catching posters, or simply explore new typography styles, these fonts offer versatility and distinctive appeal. Don’t hesitate to experiment and see how these fonts can transform your designs.

          Thank you for joining us in exploring these fantastic font choices. To stay updated on more design tips, font recommendations, and creative inspiration, be sure to follow us on our social media channels. Happy designing!

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